CHIRON group authorized service

In addition to the sales of the new CHIRON, STAMA and retrofit CMS machine tools, as well as the parts trade, we have been providing authorized service activities since 2015.

At that time two experienced service technicians -Ignác Varga and Róbert Róth- were at customers’ complete disposal countrywide. Since then we have been constantly evolving and expanding.

Now we have a team of 10 service technicians on board. As of Aug. 2015 Adrienn Eigner as the Head Office and from Sept. 2017 Róbert Róth as Service Manager assist and organize the work of our Colleagues. Ignác Varga, as Senior Service Technician (responsible as well for retrofits from Spring 2019) supports the professional growth of our service colleagues.

We are proud to take part in several trainings organized by machine manufacturers every year, thus ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and the quality guidelines of the CHIRON Group.

Feel free to contact us!

Róth Róbert
Service Manager

Mobil: +36 20 350 3690

Ambrus Bernadett
Service Head Office

Mobil: +36 20 441 4000

Varga Ignác
Senior Service Technician

Mobil: +36 20 297 9909

Péterffy Csaba
Service Technician

Éliás Zoltán
Service Technician

Sinkovics László
Service Technician

Ertván László
Service Technician

Szalai Viktor
Service Technician

Baranya Tibor
Service Technician

Molnár Gergely
Service Technician

Kempa Attila 
Service Technician

Sinka Miklós 
Service Technician

ERROR report

Please photograph the list of error messages on the controller screen and send it to our office e-mail (!

Please note that the error report must be fully completed. Failure to do so may result in more fieldwork and / or an increase in repair time.

One error report contains the data of one machine!





    Type of the Machine*

    Serial number of the Machine*

    Year of the production

    Type of the control panel

    Type of the tool shaft

    Is the machine productive? igennem

    Is the machine under warranty? igennem

    Any collision/impact on the machine? igennem

    Type of Alarm (text and error code) (Szöveg és hibakód száma.)

    Primary reason of the alarm:

    Steps already taken to troubleshooting?

    Description of problem in case of failure warning signal or alarm: